(Type + Poster)
For this project, I collaborated with well-known fashion designer Arlo Pavlovich (Sewnar) to create a digital poster and flier for his Multiplicity exhibition at The Keep.  The exhibited pieces were a collection of bags made using sustainably sourced leather scraps, each with distinctive visual and tactile features, utilising the same pattern design. 
        My answer to this was a typographic poster for which I drew type based on the form of the bags as a response to the collection’s unifying concept. I arrange the type to gesture a ring, responding to the bag’s technical features. The stamped type is done by hand using stamps belonging to Pavlovich, which he has used in previous projects. 

    1.    Analogue typographic drawings
    2.    Multiplicity digital poster
    3.    Printed fliers
    4.    Image of the collection from Arlo Pavlovich’s Instagram