(Surface Design)
RE:Build is the culmination of processes primarily consisting of a recycled paper composite constructed from waste materials and sand. The surface material features a distressed quality reminiscent of a city post-earthquake. RE:Build is intended as a book cover related to an author’s experience living through the aftermath of the 2011 Christchurch Earthquake.
     Once the paper composite had been formed, it was laminated with sand to increase rigidity and enrich texture. It was then manipulated further by a debossing process, for which frottage of a fractured concrete block was abstracted, segmented, and laser-cut to form a debossing plate. The concrete block was chosen as a symbolic representation of the destruction of urban space inflicted by the earthquake. 
    The segmentation of the debossing plate allows pieces to be arranged at random to facilitate irregularity as a reflection of the nervousness synonymous with living in an environment afflicted by a natural disaster. The effects of the debossing process were exacerbated by distressing the surface through wet sanding and tearing, occasionally revealing a contrasting surface beneath.